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Crater XCO 2019
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The Crater XCO Cup is an MountainBike Cross-Country Olympic event.

The race is conducted based on the UCI regulations for Mountain Bike Races. Valid UCI international licenses are required for the Elite Men race. Holders of UCI international licenses that do not bear a photograph will be required to present an approved and valid government photo ID in addition to their UCI license. Amateur & hobby riders will participate in a separate race on their own responsability.


– Elite Men & Junior Men
– Hobby Men and Hobby Women with different age categories
– Child Races next day, with different age categories (in 7 July)

Racing age: a rider’s racing age for all categories is determined by this year minus the rider’s year of birth.

Event facts

– money prizes

– Riders in the Elite category must present a current race license, issued by their National Cycling Federation or proof thereof. Registration will not accept entry of non-licensed Elite riders.

– Race numbers are provided at registration.

– Any medical problems should be reported to the medical staff.

– Toilets for participants will be set up near the race Secretary.

The organizer reserves the right to use the image of the Crater XCO Cup participants in promotional materials such as: photos, posters, films, and so on.

Projected Lap Numbers

Elite Men & Junior Men: between 4-8 laps

Hobby: 3-4 laps

Children: 1-3 laps on a specially designed track close to the secretary.

Number of laps may be subject to changes on race day as decided by the organizators.

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